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Brütsch Wealth Management

Brütsch Wealth Management was founded in 2016 and is an independent Swiss wealth management company based in Unterägeri / Zug, Switzerland. Zug is a very popular location for global companies, close to top Swiss tourist attractions such as Lake Lucerne, Titlis and Rigi.

The financial markets have been pretty rough for the past 15 years and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to achieve sustainable performance. In such an environment it is important that you have specialists who only care about your interests. At Brütsch Wealth Management we listen to our valued customers and work together to develop a strategy that takes your financial needs into account.

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We are your specialist for your assets!


Brütsch Wealth Management is your partner for wealth and real estate. Our customers are always at the center of our attention. Benefit from our many years of experience and get to know us as an independent and honest partner.

Your assets deserve a long-term, stable partnership free of conflicts of interest. As an independent financial services provider, we assume your asset management mandate with limited power of attorney (discretionary mandate) and make investments on your behalf within the agreed investment framework.

We are modern, dynamic and independent of banks. With us, you benefit from pre-negotiated conditions with regard to custody fees, brokerage fees and flat fees.

Stefan Brütsch

Owner, CEO

Stefan spent his entire career at an established Swiss bank before founding Brütsch Wealth Management in 2016. After several apprenticeships in private banking as well as in business banking with stays in St. Gallen, Zurich and London, Stefan worked for many years in wealth management for HNWI clients. He completed his training as a federally certified banking specialist with a federal diploma.

Hubert Häusler


Hubert has worked for many years at an established Swiss bank in Zug, Lucerne, Zurich and London. Before founding his own financial company in 2007 as an independent wealth manager for HNWI clients, he was a partner in a firm specializing in tax, finance and pensions in Baar, Switzerland. In addition to his own company, he is also the founder and a member of the board of directors of a financial platform. He graduated with a diploma from the College of Business Administration.


Our strengths

Asset management

A joint strategy is the basis for your portfolio with us. You delegate the selection and decision-making to the portfolio management team of Brütsch Wealth Management. We select the appropriate investments for you, monitor them in your interest and review the portfolio regularly. The portfolio is built by choosing direct investments, cost-efficient passive investments such as ETFs, structured products. Brütsch Wealth Management takes responsibility and believes in the win-win situation with a performance fee.


Investment Advisory

We define a joint strategy with you discuss and review the portfolio regularly and only accept orders that you have placed with us. This is a portfolio where you must have an interest in the financial markets. They follow the financial markets and make active decisions on a regular basis. They must be reachable in order to implement this strategy.

Loans & Mortgages

In addition to the traditional lending and mortgage business conducted by banks and insurance companies, we often hear from our network that some are looking for safe investment opportunities with guaranteed interest rates. Others are looking for funding. At Brütsch Wealth Management, we try to live up to this.

Real estate consulting

In a low or even negative interest rate world, we find it interesting to invest in real estate as well. We advise you on the selection of the property of your choice and Brütsch Wealth Management takes over the entire administration for you, e.g. rent collection. Through our broad network, we actively seek real estate opportunities in our home market. Real estate development is even more interesting!

Our customers

Focus on our customers

Your bank

You can continue to keep your existing account/deposit numbers. The investment orders, which are tailored to your needs, are issued to your bank directly by Brütsch Wealth Management. The corresponding purchase and sale statements will continue to be sent to you directly by the bank, so that you are always informed about your portfolio movements.

You as a customer

You issue an asset management mandate with limited power of attorney (management power of attorney) in favor of Brütsch Wealth Management at your bank. Within the agreed investment framework, Brütsch Wealth Management will make investments on your behalf, but cannot dispose of the assets.

Brütsch Wealth Management

Brütsch Wealth Management ensures the optimal investment of your money. The basis for the investment framework is the joint determination of the security and currency allocation. This results from your personal wealth planning and takes into account your wishes and objectives. The investment performance and the investment framework are reviewed at regular and mutually agreed intervals.

Your added value

Six steps to added value

1. Your risk profile

What risks are you willing to take? What risks are acceptable to you? What are your return targets? Have your personal or professional circumstances changed?

2. Strategic portfolio allocation

We determine the portfolio that offers you the best possible long-term return within your risk profile.

3. Tactical portfolio allocation

We continuously monitor the markets and take advantage of short- and medium-term market opportunities for you. Currency fluctuations can contribute significantly to positive or negative performance. We take this into account by using suitable hedging instruments.

4. Portfolio construction

We select the most suitable investment instruments. The majority of our investments were in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). These certificates are inexpensive, transparent and have high trading liquidity. We also use structured products on a selective basis, provided they have a positive impact on the risk-reward profile. As a rule, we have them created exclusively for our customers.

5. Portfolio implementation

We implement investment decisions quickly, bundling orders to secure attractive conditions for you.

6. Portfolio monitoring

The constant analysis and control of your portfolio creates not only transparency, but also the prerequisite for your future investment success. So that you know your assets are in good hands.

Want to know more?

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Customer testimonials

IfeelI am in good hands with Brütsch Wealth Management. They act exactly according to my risk profile.

“I am very happy that Mr. Brütsch accompanies me financially”

“The expert advice and exciting investment opportunities in selected segments make the collaboration a win-win.”

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